Satin Shimmer

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The hammam ritual includes:

  • Hammam Ritual
  • Full body massage (75 minutes)
  • Pestemal (traditional linen towel)*
  • Kese (exfoliating mitt)*
  • Tea at the bistro

* Will be provided to you on loan.

Tageseintritt Hammam & Spa und Massage

Satin Shimmer

The full-body massage with candle wax is truly a unique sensory experience - after just a few moments you will achieve total relaxation and immerse yourself in a wonderful inner sphere. After an introductory massage with a gentle oil and a full body exfoliation with soap the following sequence will be a candle oil massage with pleasantly warm, delicately scented candle wax of the best quality.

Hammam & Spa Oktohon Bern

The Oktogon Bern

A dreamy spa experience straight from the 1,001 Nights: the Bern hammam is built on the foundations of the first gas boiler in Switzerland, dating back to the 19th century. Enjoy a unique four-storey spa experience based on gradually warming and cleansing the body. Steam baths, the kese, the relaxation spa and comfortable relaxation rooms offer a soothing escape from the day-to-day.

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