House and bathing rules


We kindly ask you to respect the house and bathing rules and to observe the following rules for the benefit of you and all our guests. By entering our spa facility, you accept the rules of the house and bathing rules of Aqua-Spa-Resorts AG as well as all other orders issued to maintain operational safety. These are binding for all guests.

  1.  You stay in the entire facility at your own risk.
  2.  Adolescents up to 15 years of age are only permitted to enter the facility if accompanied by a person of full age (except Hammam & Spa Oktogon Bern access from 16 years). The spa and sauna area is available to guests over the age of 16. Bathing, sauna and spa operations end 30 minutes before the facility closes.
  3.  Staff members are entitled to ask guests who behave indecently in any way or violate the house rules to leave the facility immediately and, if necessary, to issue a house ban. The daily admission fee will then be forfeited and will not be refunded.
  4.  The person responsible for any damage or contamination, or in the case of minors, their parents or legal representatives, shall be liable.
  5.  Purchased day tickets are only valid for one-time use on the day of purchase. Refunds are not possible for purchased day passes.
  6.  For security reasons, we kindly ask you to store your clothes and bags in the lockers, which can be securely locked. It is not permitted to bring bags into the sauna and spa area.
  7.  We accept no liability for the loss of valuables, money and clothing. We also accept no liability for damage to or loss of visual aids, watches, jewellery, personal clothing, etc.
  8.  A handling fee of CHF 50 will be charged for the loss of chip or cloakroom keys.
  9.  Lost chip bands with multiple entries will not be refunded (impersonal).
  10. Sexual acts in the entire facilities are prohibited and will result in a charge being filed.
  11. Photography, sound recording, mobile phones and other electronic devices are not permitted anywhere in the facility.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in the entire facility.
  13. Guests with heart and circulatory problems and pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor about suitable bathing times. Guests with open wounds and infectious diseases must refrain from visiting the pool.
  14. For the safety of all guests, glass bottles or glass containers may not be brought into the pool.
  15. Food and drinks brought in by the guests themselves are not permitted anywhere in the facility. Chewing gum is prohibited. 
  16. Use of the showers is compulsory before the first bath.
  17. The bath is a place of rest and relaxation. Harassment of other guests by splashing, jumping in, making noise and running around is not permitted.
  18. The use of water play equipment such as balls, fins and diving goggles is not permitted.
  19. Sauna area: No sweat on the wood. Please use a sufficiently large towel. Please maintain absolute silence in the fireplace relaxation room. Moderate conversation is permitted in the sauna lounge. Spa area: No sweat on the wood. Please use a large enough towel. Please be absolutely quiet in the canopy relaxation room. Moderate conversation is allowed in the Bistro Lounge. 
  20. The facility will be closed during the overhaul. More information can be found on our website.
  21. In the sauna and spa area, the wearing of swimwear is not permitted in the steam baths and the saunas for hygienic reasons. Outside these areas, the intimate area must be covered with a towel or bathrobe.
  22. In the entire spa area, only the underwear provided by us is worn. The use of private linen in the spa area is prohibited.
  23. It is forbidden to reserve a place to lie down or sit down. Our staff are instructed to remove personal laundry from unoccupied loungers.
  24. In case of a thunderstorm with lightning, the pool (indoor and outdoor) must be evacuated. Entries will not be refunded.

We wish our guests a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Your Aqua-Spa-Resorts Team