Massages & treatments

Massages & treatments

An invigorating massage or a soothing treatment perfectly complements your spa experience. Our spa team has therefore created day spa offers: The massages and treatments are harmoniously coordinated and ensure relaxation and well-being.

Treatments and massages can be booked from the age of 16 accompanied by an adult and from the age of 18 without an accompanying person.

Massages and treatments can only be booked in combination with an admission.

Full body wrap

Soothing natural skincare: our different wraps (invigorating or purifying) are freshly prepared each day. These 100% natural products supply your skin with precious minerals and moisture and boost your metabolism.

20 Minutes / CHF 22

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Dream & Release - Gentle facial massage

Gentle facial massage with essential oil ritual that brings the mind into balance and gives a deep sense of well-being.

25 Minutes / CHF 55

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Back & Stone - Back massage

Relaxing back and neck massage with oil and hot stone. A wellness 'stop' to reduce everyday stress and resume the day with more energy.

25 Minutes / CHF 55

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Fresh & Go - Leg massage

Relaxing leg massage with oil and salt stamps, slow, draining movements with regenerating essential oil. Ideal for a feeling of freedom and lightness.

25 Minutes / CHF 55

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Time to Chill Oil Massage

In this relaxing massage, you experience the invigorating and strengthening power of warm plant-based oils. A moment of indulgence to invigorate your body and soothe your soul.

25 Minutes / CHF 55
50 Minutes / CHF 100
75 Minutes / CHF 149

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Pure Bamboo

This nature-inspired massage is a revitalising journey with rhythms of varying intensity using bamboo canes. A true alchemy of sensations and harmony between man and nature! Ideal for improving circulation.

50 Minutes / CHF 115

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Beauty & Shine

Perfect treatment for fresh, well-groomed skin and a feeling of soothing relaxation. After a body massage with oil, your face is cleansed with a gentle peeling and a face mask.

50 minutes / CHF 115
75 minutes / CHF 164

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Termali Salini Detox

The soothing salt and herbal compress massage is a holistic experience. This unique massage combines the properties of salt and herbs with slow, draining movements that deeply relaxes and restores energy.

50 Minutes / CHF 125

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Summer Breeze

A powerful milk lotion massage focuses on easing tension in your neck and shoulder area. This 50-minute treatment also includes an intensive back massage. Beginning with a facial and refreshing face mask, this treatment will give you back your glow. We round off this feel-good experience with a foot and calf massage.

Available: June-September

50 minutes / CHF 115

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Winter Charme

Treat yourself to this pampering moment during the cold season with a relaxing partial body massage, starting with a soothing facial. While the moisturising facial mask takes effect, enjoy the massage where the head, neck, shoulders, calves and feet are massaged with warm plant oil with lavender essence and hot stone. The ideal massage to recharge your batteries with warmth and energy.

Available: October-April

50 minutes / CHF 115


The banya in the sauna (85° C) is a relaxing and soothing ceremony in which the body is gently beaten with a birch branch, which pleasantly refreshes, stimulates blood circulation and purifies the body and soul. 

50 minutes / CHF 64

The banya can be booked by telephone on 091 786 96 96 or by e-mail to

Water Floating

Acqua Floating is a gentle floating with relaxation and massage in water.

30 minutes / CHF 49

The treatment can be booked by telephone on 091 786 96 96 or by e-mail to

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