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For one person. The day spa offer includes:

  • Hammam Ritual
  • Milk and honey bath with essential oils
  • 1 glass of prosecco
  • Pestemal (traditional linen towel)
  • Kese (exfoliating mitt)
  • Tea at the bistro

After the hammam ritual, enjoy a bath for all the senses. Immerse yourself in the warmth and pamper your skin with the power of nature. The bath can be enjoyed accompanied by a glass of Prosecco.

All Senses can also be enjoyed as a couple. 

Every Tuesday (excl. public holidays) «Women among themselves» - no access for men.

The booked appointment refers to the start of the Hammam ritual.


Hammam Sultanbad

All Senses bath

The magnificent blend of milk and honey (also available as a vegan variant with soy milk) with essential oils, the bath becomes an experience for all the senses. It nourishes your skin and restores its natural protective layer to help prevent dryness.

Hammam & Spa Oktohon Bern

The Oktogon Bern

A dreamy spa experience straight from the 1,001 Nights: the Bern hammam is built on the foundations of the first gas boiler in Switzerland, dating back to the 19th century. Enjoy a unique four-storey spa experience based on gradually warming and cleansing the body. Steam baths, the kese, the relaxation spa and comfortable relaxation rooms offer a soothing escape from the day-to-day.

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